MisFit Athletics “Sport” is affiliate programming designed around the sport of CrossFit. “Sport” programming consists of 3 daily pieces modified from the MisFit Athletic’s blog to be appropriate for your affiliate members, as the blog is written for high-level regional athletes. “Sport” programming includes a lift/skill and a MetCon+1 extra piece. The extra pieces can be:

  1. An effective warm up that relates to the lift/skill/WOD
  2. An extra piece/per day, designed for the athletes at your affiliate that desire to be more competitive at the sport of CrossFit.
  3. The extra pieces that are included each week with your programming are designed to improve your athletes’ success in the CrossFit Open, and is provided 5/days per week. The extra piece can/will be one of the follow: additional strength/olympic lifting, gymnastic strength/skill work, or additional anaerobic/aerobic development, (known by MisFits world-wide as “Bitch work”).


As always, it’s important to remember that this program is a prescription for the “higher level” athletes in each of these categories. It is still your responsibility to coach, scale, and modify to provide each athlete with the appropriate intensity and volume.