Misfit Athletics Training Camps

The MisFit Athletics Blog was developed in 2012 as a way for us to provide our programming to a large group of athletes that we were coaching. Thanks to these athletes and those who followed, this community has grown into something so much more than just programming.

Misfit Training Camps are the perfect opportunity for you to meet and work with the minds behind the programming that you log into and follow on a daily basis. In addition to allowing the Misfit coaches to interact with the community, Training Camps are also our opportunity to make sure that our intentions with how we expect athletes to approach the program are clear to all. Following a solid program can be a great way to progress as an athlete, but it’s important to know that you’re applying it the way it was intended.

At Misfit Training Camps you can expect to work on everything you can expect to see on the blog, from gymnastics to weightlifting to strategizing workouts and much more. Our experienced coaching staff is there to ensure that all of your questions are answered over the course of the weekend and to make sure that you are learning and growing as an athlete, coach and person.