Welcome to the Misfit Athletics Hatchet Supplemental Strength Template.

This template is for those you of who need a better strength base before jumping into the higher volume and demand of the traditional blog work, or for those of your following the MFT blog but are getting beaten down by the volume and intensity of the strength work. Taking the leap too early can hinder the overall results of your training. This can include issues with central nervous system depression (feeling tired and weak), overuse issues (inflammation and achy joints), and potential injury.

Instead of dealing with pain and frustration, this base level strength template can be plugged into the place of the MFT blog or Hatchet work daily. Sub out the strength on the corresponding day, and plug in this piece. Commit to this throughout the entire cycle and avoid jumping back and forth. You’ll find that this more linear progression will still allow for fast and measurable progress, while helping to avoid some of the issues named above. This template is clearly labeled with the cycle, week, and training day. On days where the is no strength work programming on this template, focus on other parts of you game (conditioning, olympic lifts, gymnastics, etc..). Do NOT use this template in addition to the current strength work – it’s one or the other.

Don’t make strength training an ego issue, choose the right program for you and stick to it. You’ll find the progress you’ve been looking for in a short amount of time.