Individual Competition Prep Program

Individual Competition Prep Program

Individual Competition Prep


NEW for 2020

The Individual Competition Prep Program is a 7-week program designed to prepare you for the various sanctioned events or a competition you want to peak for. You can expect 3-5 training pieces per day including warm-ups, lifting, conditioning, gymnastics, odd objects, Bitch Work, swimming, and more. We’ve also included some mindset exercises to think about each week to make sure your mental game is moving forward with your fitness.

This should go without saying, but to successfully execute the program the way it is intended you need to have your recovery, nutrition, sleep, morning routine, etc. dialed in. If you’ve followed us in previous years, this program is along the same lines as our Regionals and Games prep – extremely demanding, but wickedly effective.


Age Group Online Qualifier Prep Program


While most of the CrossFit world has been shaken up by the axing of Regionals, athletes in the Age Divisions have not been forgotten. Your performance in the Open is essentially part 1 of your season, and part 2 begins now. With the new scoring format, the 200th place athlete in each division is on the same playing field as the number 1 finisher after the Open – everyone is back to zero and everyone has a legitimate shot to crack into the top 10 and punch a ticket to the show. If you want that ticket, your season starts now.

The 2020 AGOQ prep program has been restructured to be more thorough and geared more towards annihilating anything that can be thrown your way in the OQ. We also provide Age Division Modifications (ADMs) to workouts for athletes in the 14-15 and 55+ age categories based on previous years’ modifications. You’ll work through the gambit of the usual lifting, intervals, metcons, and Bitch Work. You’ll also get the chance to tackle old Open workouts and past AGOQ and even Games events – nothing is off the table. The program lasts from February 3rd and takes you right up to March 12th – announcement day of the OQ workouts. Within that six and a half weeks we will build you up, culminating with Hell Weekend – a simulation of a demanding weekend of training that will only be replicated by the OQ itself. After that, you’ll take a few lighter days and then gradually ramp back up into the event itself. Masters athletes, and even more recently the Teenage age divisions continue to put their stamp on the sport of fitness, and we’re proud as hell to be a small part of your journey to the big stage.

Give it hell, and good luck. 

Prep Program dates: February 3rd – March 12th

Get Ready for Sanctionals!

“The program was easily scalable when I needed to and I never felt overloaded with too much work. With a full-time job, I felt the amount of work programmed wasn’t too much to ask for.”

-Matt O
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