Welcome to the Misfit Athletics Muscle Up Volume Template 2.0. The ability to sustain consistent sets of muscle ups is an invaluable skill that can be a massive separator between you and your competition. Whether your max set is 3, 5, 10, or more, this template is designed for you to not only bump that max set up, but also the subsequent sets that almost always follow in a workout. As always, technique is critical and efficiency can be the difference between having to break a set up and holding on, so practice like you’re going to play: efficiently and methodically. Throughout this 5 week period, you’ll work 3 days per week on various exercises requiring you to push your capacity. Mobilize, recover, and be persistent and we promise this template will work for you. Below you will find descriptions and examples of some of the movements you can expect to see over the next 5 weeks. Good luck!