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The most well rounded programming for competitive athletes just got better.


Movement Library

In depth, slow motion video breakdowns of movements you see everyday in training to make you a better, more efficient athlete.

Access to Coaches

With live monthly Q&A sessions, plus cycle consultations, you gain even more access to some of the best coaches in the world.

Better Programming Options

With multiple programming options, no matter your fitness level and equipment access, you will find a complete program that works for you.

  • Blog Access
    Access to the last 30 Days of Misfit Athletics Programming
  • Community Access
    Be a part of our amazing community!
$9.95 / month
  • Blog Archive Access
    Access to all blog archives beyond 30 Days
  • In Depth WOD Explanation
    Goals and instructions posted for each training piece
  • Movement Video Library
    Full access to entire archive of our brand new movement library videos
  • Training Camp Discount
    5% Discount on a Misfit Athletics Training Camp ticket purchase
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$29.95 / month
  • Plus Features
    Access to all of the features of the Plus level
  • Masters Program
    Programming designed specifically for masters athletes
  • Age Division Modifications
    Programming modifications for Masters Athletes in older age divisions
  • Hatchet Program
    Programming for those who need help modifying the blog
  • Exclusive Gear Discounts
    Discounts on Misfit Athletics Apparel
  • Weakness Templates
    Specific Strength, Endurance, and Skill work you can substitute to tailor your training program to your needs.
  • Bigger Training Camp Discount
    10% Discount on a Misfit Athletics Training Camp ticket purchase
$69.95 / month
  • Plus and Pro Features
    Acces to all of the features of the Plus and Pro levels
  • Programming in Advance
    Through your selected Facebook group, receive your program 1 WEEK IN ADVANCE!
  • Private Facebook Groups
    Exclusive access to a private group where Misfit coaches moderate the posting of results and discussion (Chose 1 group per subscription)
  • Cycle Consult
    Individual cycle consultation with Misfit HQ coaches
  • Test Week Video Review
    Misfit HQ Coaches review one video and provide feedback and instruction.
  • Biggest Training Camp Discount
    15% Discount on a Misfit Athletics Training Camp ticket purchase to be used anytime
  • 1 Free Training Camp Admission
    For every 12 months of membership you get a FREE (Non Specialty) Training Camp
  • Members Only Shirt
    Exclusive membership shirt that will not be available for purchase