How to follow the site

Welcome to the MisFit Athletics. The mission of this site is to provide all-inclusive programming to competitive athletes. You are asked to be exceptional at an overwhelming amount of disciplines in this sport and because of that there cannot be a one size fits all program. Plain and simple any claims to having such a program are bullshit. We have created a variable programming style to help blunt this predicament (which is explained below). The program you see under the first two tabs of each post is written for regionals level athletes and their direct competition (top 100 or so in each region). The weights, movements, times, reps, and volume are what is carefully chosen by us for these athletes. If you do not fall under that category you still have a few options. The easy answer is always to scale. Scale the weights, movements, times, reps, and volume in an effort to prioritize intensity. It will work. Your other options fall under the Garage Gym Athlete Program and our Remote Coaching options.

During the offseason (August-February) you will see the new blog posts the night before each training day. We rest on Thursdays and Sundays during this time of year. Another thing to pay attention to but not to obsess about is our schedule of cycle’s throughout the year. Beginning after the Games each year we start back over on Cycle 1 and continue up to the open through Cycle 4. These cycle’s are just as much for our planning as they are for your benefit. If you happen upon the site in season, or during the middle of a cycle, jump right in. We will always suggest an athlete be as close to the current post as possible.

Now on to the variable programming style description. As you see listed below we have a number of categories laid out on most days. You will see at the top of the posts what we ask to be mandatory pieces for the day. These are the non-negotiable aspects of our program each cycle and should be your priority. Below the mandatory list you will see more options which we ask you to either choose one or two extra pieces from. This is how MisFit Athletics ensures that you are getting a program that forces you to work on what you really need to work on. If you are honest with yourself, these extra pieces are really what will tie this all together for you.

Program Categories

  • Warm-up: We will ask you to either accumulate some slow reps to help build skill and motor recruitment patterns, spike the heart rate, or work on a mono-structural conditioning weakness. This should be done in addition to what it normally takes you to get loose.
  • Met-Con: Your traditional couplets, triplets, chippers, and so on.
  • Interval Work: We take the met-con structure and split it up with rest between rounds/reps/etc to ensure intensity.
  • Strength:  The old standbys.  Back squat, front squat, and pressing.  Pay very close attention to percentage ranges and rest times.
  • OLY:  The abbreviation for the Olympic lifts. Snatching, cleaning, and jerking.  Get yourself some jerk boxes ASAP.
  • Bitch Work:  The name given to the murder weapon you must use to kill the little bitch that lives deep inside some people.  Running, rowing, Assault Bike, sleds, burpees, double unders and so on. Some people call it endurance intervals, we call it bitch work. Go buy an Assault Bike.
  • Accessory/Gymnastics work:  A little extra dose of midline work, gymnastics practice, and the occasional set of calf raises. We’re probably joking.  Some stuff is more beneficial and easier to improve outside of a timed workout, so we put it here.

Are you climbing your mountain?

Think of your competitive journey as a trail leading from the bottom of a nearby town to the top of a massive mountain. As you navigate yourself through every day life are you stopping to ask yourself if what you’re doing is directing you up the mountain, or is it taking you back to town? So many athletes fail to realize that what happens outside of the gym is often a bigger reason for failure or success than what happens inside of it. Here are a few topics and tips to help you discover the mindset we’re asking for outside of the gym.

  • Mobility: Luckily for us our friends at ROMWOD have developed a tool that is massively helpful for both our mind and body. We suggest athletes use this tool daily. As for your specific hot spot mobility issues we suggest you get to know the lacrosse ball, voodoo floss band, and all other mobility implements very well. Don’t take your beaten up race car onto the track, always tune it up first.
  • Nutrition: This is always a funny one for us. It’s like we all have an inside joke with each other that no one is willing to acknowledge. Alcohol, sugar, bread, industrialized oils, over processed meat and dairy, and so on…. NOT HEALTHY. You already knew that, we already knew that. Time to decide whether you admit it or not. Now for some actual advice. If you empty the gas tank you are allowed to fill it with a solid glucose source (rice, white potatoes, sweet potatoes, etc). If you don’t empty the tank, there’s a good chance you don’t need to refill it unless you’re a true hard gainer.
  • General Recovery: You need to cool down. Your body is begging to be brought back down to homeostasis post workout. Find what works best for you to flush out the waste while calming the mind and body. Sleep is where the real magic happens and if you don’t prioritize it in your life you probably shouldn’t be attacking this kind of volume.