Team Misfit Affiliate Programming

While we’ve spent the better part of a decade building some of the fittest humans on earth, we’ve spent even more time coaching at the affiliate level, honing our knowledge and skills necessary to make some of the best coaches in CrossFit. At our affiliate programming arm Team Misfit, our mission is to enable gyms everywhere to provide the best possible experience for their communities. We understand how hard coaches and owners work every day to make your affiliate successful because we do the same, so we decided to create a community with as many free tools as possible to help make that a reality. We also believe that the success or failure of a gym largely depends on the time and energy invested in its coaches and in the product you deliver. Our vision is a global community of coaches and owners who come to share ideas and best practices about a profession, not just a job. We offer two tiers of affiliate programming options: Competitor and GPP programming. You can learn more about each below!