If our programming is the Ritz Carlton, then the Blog is the well-dressed concierge who brings you complimentary champagne and gives you tips on the cool local spots in town. We want you understanding as much as we do about programming and competing, and the Blog is where you can get into the heads of the Misfits through articles, musings, case studies, opinions, and more.

Phase 4 Guide & Check-in

Whether you were part of it or saw the community-wide PRs from the sidelines, we’re officially moving onto the next…

Phase 2 Has Arrived

On Monday, September 27th, we embark on Phase II of our season-long plan to build the most well-rounded athletes in…

The Iron Game

People lie. We lie to ourselves sometimes, too. Well intentioned or malevolent, we are fallible. We have good days and…
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