Our MFT program was originally built for aspiring Regional and Games athletes, but as the sport progressed we felt that so many athletes were doing themselves a disservice by jumping right into a program designed for the 97% percentile. We truly believe in the principle of appropriate intensity, and that just because you CAN do the things we ask in the MFT program doesn’t mean you should, which is why we build the Hatchet and Age Group program. Our MFT program is built for aspiring Elite Sanctional and CrossFit Games athletes, so if you’re not quite there yet you’re in the right place. We think that the vast majority of competitive CrossFitters should be starting with the Hatchet program, and only when you can absolutely crush everything we ask of you with intensity, then you can up the ante with MFT. For you young guns and elder statesmen of the competitive landscape, the Age Group program is a blend of MFT and Hatchet, modified for the recovery needs of Masters athletes and built to help you crush the Age Group Online Qualifier, or prepare for the Games. For more details about both programs, head south (scroll down).