Crossfit Age Group Semifinals Prep Phase Guide – Masters and Teens Programming

crossfit masters

Calling all Masters and Teen Crossfit athletes! Congratulations on a successful 2023 Crossfit Open, but we’re just getting started. With the start of the competition season, Misfit Athletics is here to help you successfully navigate the Quarterfinals and Semifinals, so you’re performing your best when it matters most. 

Our Semifinals Prep Phase kicks off on Monday, March 6th, this is a phase you won’t wanna miss. We know what it takes to compete at the CrossFit Games as Age Group athletes and last year our program helped multiple athletes perform their best in Madison, culminating in podium performances for Justin LaSala, Mike Kern, Roy Gamboa, and Sophie Shaft.

During this Semifinals Prep Phase, we will be peaking your Snatch and Clean and Jerk, increasing your strength and capacity, dialing in your gymnastics skills, and helping you get your engine firing on all cylinders so you’re in the best shape of your life and truly reaching your full potential. To see everything that’s in store for this phase download the Phase Guide PDF

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