Deliberate (Competition) Practice

The topic of deliberate practice has permeated the culture of competitive individuals over the last decade.

In short, deliberate practice is a whole lot of purposeful and systematic ‘reps’ in a given field. As data continues to show its importance superseding raw talent, more and more people are armed with the belief that they can achieve great things.

One of the many quirks that makes our sport unique is all of the work done in the shadows, hopefully of deliberate nature. The drawback that we must address in that world is the infrequency of competitive practice.

Every time you are presented with the opportunity to practice competing in a low to moderate risk scenario, you must be deliberate. Proper planning and objective reflection of how well you expressed your fitness and where your mind went before, during, and after could be just the nudge you need to climb to a new level.

Misfit Musing #60 by Drew Crandall