Fluidity of Movement

Skill building is very much a skill in itself (redundancy intended).
There’s a term I use often with athletes that may sound generic but has a very deep meaning to me as a coach. ‘Fluidity of Movement’ is a concept that I try very hard to impart to each and every athlete I work with. It centers around the idea that you may have discovered all of the puzzle pieces, but unbeknownst to you, they are scattered and have yet to create a picture.
If I have steps 1-5 figured out, how is it that this still feels and looks off? Things like understanding the overall concept, timing, and most importantly connecting the steps to create a fluid movement are required for mastery.
The progression, and almost “second half”, of this concept revolves around application under fatigue. The idea of a commitment to the actual artistic expression of movement, especially in times of duress, can sound contradictory or even blasphemous. I am here to argue the exact opposite. To avoid an almost self-inflicting dive into the pit of despair, we MUST obsess over details. If only to re-write the narrative in our heads.
What we are left with is a quick peek into how I address movement in their different stages of development in an athlete, and I hope more than anything that it gets your gears spinning.