7 More Days of At Home Workouts

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So it’s re-test week, and you can barely re-test anything because your favorite barbell, spot on the pull-up rig, and rower are all quarantined alone behind locked doors. While obviously not ideal, there are still ways to measure your progress and still get the most out of re-test week before we roll into Phase IV. Don’t be picky about movement substitutions, equipment equivalents, or where you get to train because at the end of the day it’s exactly that – you GET to train. Look at the workout itself and the description, then attempt to draw the desired stimulus or “feel” of the workout from that. Replicate it as best you can with what you have available and we promise the program will keep working if you do.

In this PDF you’ll find Phase III re-test week. As before, there are two conditioning pieces each day and two accompanying modifications: one with limited equipment and one with zero equipment.  We know that some of you savages have scoured the internet and local boxes for equipment, so we wanted to provide a couple of sets of options that will still get you the desired stimulus. Remember, don’t think about what you can’t do, think about what you can. Good luck.