Hot Iron.

At Misfit Athletics, we talk a lot about the importance of both physical and mental recovery. Being asked to overreach beyond your perceived abilities and thresholds consistently will stop you dead in your tracks if you’re not paying close attention to your time outside the gym.

As you transition from a stretch of training where you bought into overreaching to a rest day, there is a well-earned sense of relief. Throughout that day, you’re blessed with a surplus of energy that only presents itself a few times each month.

Just as you capitalize on the downturn from training day to rest day, it is imperative that you also capitalize on the upswing back to training. Your free time and energy surplus should be a breeding ground for motivation and enthusiasm.

Life has a way of tricking us into thinking that energy means we should stack another rest day or three on top of today because of how great we feel.

Ignore the trap. Strike while the iron is hot.

Misfit Musing #68