Introducing Phase 1: Start Strong for the Coming CrossFit Competition Season

As the coming season approaches, we’re excited to launch Phase 1 of our off-season CrossFit training program. Whether you’re pursuing general fitness or have your sights set on the Crossfit Games, Phase 1 marks the critical first step.

What Makes Phase 1 Different?

Phase 1 lays the foundation for our full training blueprint, which progresses through multiple phases. Our programs – MFT for Semifinals and Crossfit Games-level athletes and Hatchet for those targeting the Open and Quarterfinals – are designed to meet each athlete’s specific needs.

We recognize that one size doesn’t fit all. Phase 1 offers daily workout options calibrated to your individual goals and abilities, regardless of whether you’re new to CrossFit or a seasoned veteran.

Phase 1 has targeted phase-long biases built into the programming. On top of balanced daily workouts, these biases provide focused training in your weaker domains – enhancing performance without compromising CrossFit’s signature variance.

Tracks for Every Athlete

Phase 1 features tracks tailored to Crossfit athletes of all levels:

  • Open – Specifically optimized for excelling in the Open
  • Quarterfinals – For those ready to break through to the next level
  • Masters & Teens Semifinals – For those Age Group athletes looking to finish high on the leaderboards
  • Semifinals & Games – For elite athletes pursuing the highest levels of competition

Are You Ready for the Challenge?

Phase 1 isn’t just another program – it’s a commitment to pursuing your full athletic potential. Get ready to elevate your performance, build resilience, and see just how fit you can get.

Join us for Phase 1 and step into the coming Crossfit competition season strong.

Want to learn more about our Phase 1 training biases and the tests you’ll be seeing during test week? Download our Phase guide!