Phase IV Weekly Work

Welcome to Phase IV Weekly Work. Each week for the full seven weeks will have supplemental work that is meant to be done when it is most convenient and advantageous for you. In previous phases this work was programmed on rest days, and while it is still an option to complete this work on those days we know that many of you need one or both of those days to get right physically and mentally.

The two main focuses of this phase’s weekly work are fasted running and swim work. While we are nudging you to figure out where this goes in your schedule, it is very much part of what makes the phase effective and is figured into total volume. Short story short: Get it done. For more on Fasted Cardio, be sure to listen to The Misfit Project Episode 40 – Why Fasted Cardio? 

One piece of this puzzle that you might notice is missing from previous phases are the “FAF Sets”. While they are not specifically listed anymore, it is always important to keep in mind that this kind of work is extremely effective in chipping away at deficiencies in upper body dominant gymnastics movements.

The premise is simple, and it has a very low CNS demand, making it an excellent accessory staple on active rest days or swapped out for traditional Misfit Athletics accessory work. We rely heavily on fast twitch fibers in our upper body when it comes to push-ups, legless rope climbs, etc. We work diligently on supporting them with slow twitch development, and waste flushing efficiency in almost everything else we do. These FAF sets are specifically targeting the muscle fibers needed to push you over the top.

Here is an example of how to execute FAF Sets:
  1. Pick a movement and set a total volume with a set limit. For this example we will use 50 Strict HSPU that must be done in 5 sets or less.
  2. Perform a set moving through the reps as fast as you possibly can and kick down when they slow down even a little bit. That is one set.
  3. Rest as needed to keep speed very high.
  4. Continue your sets until the total reaches 50 reps or you’ve done 5 sets.