Phase 8 Program Guide & Weekly Check-In

We hope that this sheet becomes refrigerator worthy and your seven-week quest through this Phase is that much more impactful due to some important reminders and reflection. At the top and bottom of the sheet, we address the ode to measurement and note-taking by asking for scores and acknowledgment of how far you’ve come. As each week passes, find yourself a highlighter and fill the box in. From there, it becomes about letting yourself recognize what you have achieved for a moment before setting your sights on the next target. The middle of the sheet presents you with weekly prompts to address both paths of growth. Your win for the week needs to be something you learned in the past that was put into action and in turn, serves as proof of concept. What you learned that week should be something the old you would have categorized as a failure. By recognizing that room for improvement is a gift, you can begin to turn those teaching moments into victories over time.