I Want To Be On Team MisFit

Our team of sponsored athletes is a group of regionals and games caliber MisFits that embody the attitude and character that we are built on.  Test number one for any athlete looking to join the team is getting to know the owners, coaches, and athletes.  Make it known that you’re following, get to a training camp, reach out to everyone, etc.  Test number two is your track record in our sport.  We will always prioritize connecting with our followers and continue to give away free stuff, but you need to be a high level athlete to be on the team.  Don’t feel like you need to accomplish these things before you apply, but get to work on them if you really have a sponsorship as your goal.  We will eventually branch out and add Masters, Teens, Team, etc so don’t feel like you don’t have a chance based on our current team.  We are also in search of multiple new ladies to add to the team.

Sponsorship Application