Misfit Athletics: A New Era with Fitr

A Decade of Community and Growth
Misfit Athletics began over a decade ago, not as a giant in the fitness industry, but as a humble free blog. It was a place where athletes from around the world congregated, sharing scores, exchanging tips, and, yes, occasionally engaging in some good-natured shit talking. This community is our heartbeat, our driving force. Without it, Misfit Athletics might have remained a hidden gem, unknown to the world.
Rediscovering Our Roots in 2023
Fast forward to today, and we find ourselves at a pivotal moment. Our free Discord channel, bustling with activity, echoes the early days, reviving that irreplaceable sense of community. Yet, something was missing – a unified platform where every Misfit could access their program and enter scores, all within a user-friendly environment that meets 2023’s digital standards.
Enter FITR. After years of searching for the perfect solution, we decided to give FITR a try, offering our current subscribers complimentary access. The feedback has been overwhelmingly positive, and our experience with the FITR team has exceeded all expectations.
The Big Move: Exclusive Transition to FITR
Starting on Monday, January 8th – the first day of Quarterfinals Prep and Phase 3 – Misfit Athletics programming will be exclusively available on the FITR platform. For those who’ve recently joined us via FITR, there’s nothing new you need to do. Your journey continues seamlessly.
For our long-standing members who joined through misfitathletics.com, a simple transition awaits. You can access your program through FITR but will need to migrate to our new FITR account. It’s a straightforward process: sign up here. Remember, to avoid a double subscription and charge, please cancel your subscription at misfitathletics.com as you create your new FITR account.
Join Us on This Exciting Journey
We’re not just moving platforms; we’re evolving, growing, and rekindling the spirit that made Misfit Athletics a beloved community. Join us on FITR, and be part of this exciting new chapter. Your journey to greatness continues, and we’re thrilled to be part of it.
Welcome to the next evolution of Misfit Athletics.