Team Training

Welcome to your Team Training Download

The goal with these team training weekends is to provide teams with training pieces that allow you to work through some of the workout styles and movement requirements we expect to see at Semifinals based on past in-person and virtual competitions. Your goal throughout the weekend should be to improve your team cohesion and communication so that when it comes time to compete, you’re able to go as hard as your fitness allows. Each training piece provides you with different styles of team workouts (synchro, worm, relays, etc) as well as various movements to and pairings so that everyone on your team understands the strengths and weaknesses of everyone else.

How to Use

These team training weekends are built to fit precisely into days 4 and 5 of our individual programs. We intend for our team athletes to complete days 1-3 each week leading up to semifinals with the weekend reserved for true team training. If you’re able to train together the other 3 days, that will go a long ways in building the camaraderie needed to reach your potential as a group. Feel free to use your warm ups and skill work throughout the week to get used to the worm and various synchronized movements.