I started my Misfit journey around the time Drew moved the affiliate out of his garage & into HQs first home on Warren Ave. I was always asking “What can I do?!” Fast forward to 2013 & I was doing so much that I was offered the job of a lifetime… work for my husband and my ‘brothers’? How could I say no?!

I am the not-so-quiet quiet one that works behind the scenes making sure things run smooth! In addition to the operations, I head up the Misfit Remote Coaching department. I love my job & what it has morphed into over the years. I never miss an opportunity to catch up with Misfit athletes, OGs & new comers, because being a part of the Misfit Family has always been the best part of my job.

Outside of the Misfit world, I’m an American Sign Language interpreter & a New Yorker to my core. I love adventures around the world with Ted, & I’m forever chasing the sunny days of summer!

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