I found my passion for exercise at a relatively early age. When I was about 12 years old, I realized I was nowhere near the most talented athlete on the field. However, by training hard, I could gain a competitive advantage against my fellow athletes by outworking those who solely relied on their talent. Some of my most fond memories growing up are training for high school football and seeing all of the hard work put into the offseason translating to success during the season and eventually the opportunity to play college football at Bates College. After finishing playing college sports, I dreaded the idea of becoming the “former athlete,” putting on 50lbs because I had no sense of purpose when it came to training, at which point a buddy of mine introduced me to CrossFit. I soon learned about the CrossFit Games, and I quickly became obsessed with the pursuit of turning myself into the fittest possible version of myself that I could become. Thankfully around this same time, a dude (Drew) I knew at a local gym was training for the sport of CrossFit and invited me to work out with him a few times.

After completing my Master’s Degree in Exercise Science (I still don’t have my diploma, sorry, mom), I moved home. I was presented with the opportunity to coach at the future Misfit HQ, CrossFit MF. Additionally. I was offered the opportunity to buy-in as an owner of this brand new program known as Misfit Athletics. In the years since we’ve opened up a second successful affiliate, we have helped numerous athletes achieve their goal of competing at the CrossFit Games. Still, most importantly, I have the opportunity to change people’s lives for the better, and I get to do so while working with some of the best people I’ve ever met. I am forever grateful for that opportunity, and I cannot wait to see how far we can take Misfit Athletics into the future.

Besides exercise/living at a gym, nearly 24/7, I love to binge-watch Netflix series with my wife, play with our two dogs, and raise the newest member of our family, our son Zion.

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