Hello, yes, I was wondering if I could order a kick in the pants?

Darkness & Light. Weakness & Strength. Bad & Good. Yin & Yang.

As we all know, these opposing forces create balance. They allow us to learn and they allow us to succeed. They can also disguise themselves in shrouds of permanence.

Adopting the mindset of ’this too shall pass’ can help us get through the darkest of times, yet it is rarely applied to our perceptions of positive experiences. Accepting that the good times shall pass as well can be very helpful in understanding both sides of the coin, and in turn lead us down a path towards balance.

With all of this in mind, we are better equipped to assess the contents of our hardships. Hardships that very well could possess the deepest lessons of our lives.

There is no better place to cut your teeth in this arena than the depths of a great conditioning piece or brutal strength session. If the assumption is that every reader of this blog knows quite a bit about both experiences, the question becomes about your ability to see it, and maybe more importantly for some, if you use it out in the big bag real world.