Quarterfinals Prep & Phase 4 Program Guides

Welcome to the Hatchet Quarterfinals Prep Program and Phase IV for the 2023 season! These training phases represent two of the most important times of year for Hatchet athletes. Whether you are preparing for the Open and Quarterfinals or working towards becoming the most well-rounded, powerful, skillful, and confident version of yourself, we have an in-depth plan in store for you. Over the coming weeks, you can expect a structured peaking schedule focused on the goal of performing your best wether your “super bowl” is the Crossfit Open, Quarterfinals or Semifinals.

Our mantra this season is all about facing obstacles and embracing the resistance they create. We believe that it’s not about avoiding challenges, but rather how well you walk through fire and emerge stronger on the other side. So as you tackle this training phase, remember that what matters most is not the obstacles you face, but how you choose to overcome them.

Don’t miss out on the chance to reach your full potential. Download our phase guides now and get ready to crush your goals!