Here to There – Misfit Musings #23

In theory, the recipe for self-improvement is simple: establish a clear assessment of where you are and iteratively go beyond that point until it lands you where you want to be.

It just so happens that this recipe is cooked up daily in the gym. At a certain point in most workouts, you transition from expressing your current fitness level to that moment where you become the hat-wearing dog surrounded by fire proclaiming ‘this is fine’. Establishing this understanding in the micro gives us context for the macro and the age-old questions surrounding volume.

Volume of just about anything is relative to the person and application, but the value of overreaching is largely universal. We must go beyond what we are capable of to establish what we will be capable of.

Navigating the waters of appropriate and effective volume, relative to yourself, will always require some good old fashioned guess and check work. For now, I’m asking you to explore it from a separate angle. Is it really too much or too little, or are you just uncomfortable?

On the journey from here to there, discomfort is an ally.