Momentum: A fool proof back up plan.

Reaching your goals will inevitably require a predetermined level of ability or rock-solid motivation.

The misconceptions surrounding motivation are linked more to its shelf life than your ability to conjure up a healthy dose when you start down a new path. The motivation required to see things through is of an entirely different brand. It swaps out the massive peaks, valleys, and dead ends for a steady realistic outlook.

These requirements can leave you on what seems like the edge of a massive cliff when you have yet to develop the abilities or possess the unwavering belief and desire needed to see things through to the end.

But what if a shift in perspective can turn that cliff into a mighty steep hill that requires patience in place of ability or motivation?

This shift leans on one of the most potent forces in the universe: momentum. When fear, self-doubt, or overwhelm takes hold of your psyche, it’s time to rely solely on repeated digestible tasks. These smalls steps add up over time to bridge the gap that once felt terrifying or impossible.

So the next time you feel stuck to the point of giving up, take that point and break it up into as many pieces as it takes to keep moving. Just. Keep. Moving.