Phase 1 Guide & Check-In

It’s that time of year again, the beginning of another off-season begins at Misfit Athletics.

This is our best Phase 1 yet. For the past 12 seasons, we’ve been able to audit how well our plan has worked and how successful thousands of athletes were in reaching their goals. The compounding effect so many use cases means your new off-season program has been crafted for over a decade.

The significant changes throughout Phase I and carrying through all the way to Phase IV this season come from our commitment to helping you become the most well rounded athlete you can be. This is our goal regardless of wether you are training alone or with the guidance of one of Misfit’s remote coaches.

Starting on August 15th, you will be seeing many new things coming to our programs and these new features were first tested on the fittest athletes in the world. This leg work on our end is only half of the equation. The other half is based on how well you walk through the fire.

For 27 weeks, training session after training session, you will be presented with challenges that are uniquely difficult for you on a personal level. Will you walk halfway and lay down? Will you close your eyes and sprint to the other side for guaranteed survival? Or will you walk well through the fire, tracking and carrying lessons that will carry you throughout the season?

It is our belief that this was the best program in the world to help competitive Crossfit athletes reach their goals. Walk through that fire to meet us halfway; we’ll take care of the rest.