Track Your Progress and Compete with the Community: Fitr is Now Part of Misfit Athletics

We are happy to announce the introduction of Fitr into our robust membership offerings. At no additional cost a membership on will now feature exclusive access to our programming on Fitr.

What is Fitr?

Fitr is a platform designed to help you track your workouts, progress, and see how you stack up on leaderboards with your fellow Misfits from around the globe. Whether you follow MFT, Hatchet, Teens, or our Masters program you will be able to sign into Fitr, see your workouts for the week and track your scores over time. 

Why Fitr?

We believe that tracking your progress and making notes about your training are key in having a strong Athlete IQ. We have long looked for a way to bring tracking and leaderboards to our community but have struggled with finding a solid platform that can easily integrate into our ecosystem, until now. We believe that Fitr will give Misfits even more tools to learn and grow as athletes and help cultivate a healthy competitive community.

How do I sign up for Fitr?

All you need to do is sign up for a Misfit Athletics membership and we will automatically add you to our roster of athletes with Fitr. At the time of sign up, we will add your Name and Email address to our programs on Fitr and you will receive an email with a link to create a free Fitr account. Once your account has been created download the Fitr Client App, log in and pick the program you want to see.

If you were an active subscriber to Misfit Athletics on or before Feb. 20, 2023 reach out to us for instructions on how to get connected.