Your Summer Program is Here: Hatchet Offseason 2

A Fresh Phase of Programming at Misfit Athletics

Get ready for a fresh programming phase launching on Monday, June 5th, at Misfit Athletics. We’re thrilled to say it’s the most exciting time of the year to become part of our community. With the vast majority (99%) of our community participating in the Hatchet program to kick off their offseason, the chance to endure and grow with a group of like-minded individuals is at an all-time high.

Our program includes elements like the Texas Method Back Squat, a focus on various pressing exercises, and ‘sprintervals’. These are combined with opportunities to engage in outdoor activities such as running, swimming, and road biking. A highlight of the phase is our yearly ‘Hatchet Mock Games‘, a four-day event where you can emulate our Games athletes as they replicate Games Week, with equipment and scaling adjustments as needed.

Personalize Your Programming

The phase offers you the chance to customize your programming. We provide guidance for open athletes with limited time, a strength-biased track, a conditioning-biased track, and a balanced track for those aiming to enhance their comprehensive skill set. At Misfit Athletics, we excel in providing a community experience while delivering the program that best suits your personal needs.

Are you ready to start personalizing your training? Start your two-week free trial today.

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