Competition Block 2 Program Guide

Check out the Comp Block 2 Podcast where Drew, Sherb and Hunter take you through everything to expect in CB2

It is our pleasure to welcome you to Competition Block 2 at Misfit Athletics. Whether you’re an OG or new to the family, our goals remain the same: get our semifinals athletes ready to #burnitdown and the rest of the community a real opportunity to personalize their program and get a head start on closing that gap for next year. We’re confident both of those things can and will take place under the same overall program structure to ensure the Misfit community stays strong and active.

Before diving in, it’s important to know that we’re chasing long term buy-in and have the content to facilitate a deeper understanding and adoption of how we’re attacking the next ten weeks. Feel free to start with either the program guide or the podcast, but make sure to dig into both before filling out the first week of your check-in guide. After you’re done taking in the content, spend some time reflecting on what it means to you specifically, and then jump into week 1 of your check-in guide.

It’s an exciting time of year for the entire community, so make sure to take advantage of that fire and pull as much as you can from your efforts in Comp Block 2. See you on discord, the leaderboards, and semifinals word-wide.

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