Learning to Count

man cleaning a barbell
The laws of physics and nature will always dictate our rates of improvement, regardless of society’s attention span. Often referred to as “playing the long game”, this lesson will show up at the end of a long journey as a sense of deep accomplishment or very quickly in a heap of disappointment.
Within the walls of your gym, this axiom shows up just about everywhere, from adding training volume to going for bigger sets in a workout and even within the examination of your own progress.
There is a natural order to things that absolutely no one can bypass. You may be able to dictate the rate at which you improve through devotion, but confusing the devotion of others for their ability to skip mandatory steps is tragic.
The best of the best in our sport facilitate optimism through the acknowledgment of this very concept. One second, one pound, and one rep PRs are accounted for as mile markers in their journey. So the next time you’re desperate to improve on something, count as you improve, no matter the margin.