Misfit Athletics Masters Rest Day Protocol

It is no secret that we ask you to go hard on training days.  Just as important are your recovery days. You are not off the hook just because you are a Master’s athlete. In fact, it is even more important for you. If you are serious about being the best athlete you can be, this protocol is a must.

We are providing two paths for mobility during this cycle for rest days. One for your upper body and one for your lower body.  If you are short on time, choose one path and hit it completely without rushing.  If you have plenty of time to hit both paths, go for it.  Just make sure that you are taking the time to do this properly and with 100% effort and focus.



Empty Bar OHS 10 reps with a full pause at the top and bottom




2 minutes per side mashing deltoids and pecs with a lacrosse ball

misfitmediaman_gabesmasters-5 misfitmediaman_gabesmasters-6 misfitmediaman_gabesmasters-7


5 minutes T-Spine Smash with barbell over foam roller



Floss one shoulder and do 10-20 gymnastics kips.  Floss the other shoulder and repeat.

misfitmediaman_gabesmasters-18 misfitmediaman_gabesmasters-20 misfitmediaman_gabesmasters-19


Floss one elbow and do 10-15 chest to deck push ups.  Floss the other elbow and repeat.   Exaggerate the end ranges of motion at the bottom and top.

misfitmediaman_gabesmasters-16 misfitmediaman_gabesmasters-17


Accumulate 3 minutes per side of internal rotation stretch
Click HERE for some suggestions


Banded Pull-Apart sequence:  See Video Here



2 minutes per side smashing psoas with kettlebell or lacrosse ball



2 minutes per side mashing glutes with Supernova, softball, or lacrosse ball


Floss high hip on one side and do 10-15 squats of your choice (air squats, light goblet squats, light wall balls).  Repeat with the floss on the other side.



Banded Hamstring Stretch – 2 minutes per side.  Attempt to fold your torso to different depths and at different angles.  Spend a good amount of time in each position to let it really take effect.

misfitmediaman_gabesmasters-3 misfitmediaman_gabesmasters-4


Accumulate 2 minutes of Russian Baby Maker Stretch


3 Rounds:

Reverse Hyper 15 reps with light weight.  If you do not have a reverse hyper do 10 slow controlled hip/back extensions or 10 slow controlled empty bar good mornings.

10 light goblet squats with 3 second pause in the bottom.  Focus on staying really tall with the torso and sitting back through the heels.  You can shift your weight side to side in the bottom to increase range of motion in your ankles, achilles, and calves.

misfitmediaman_gabesmasters-9 misfitmediaman_gabesmasters-10


Empty Bar OHS 10 reps with a full pause at the top and bottom.



We are asking for the flush to be done last this cycle.  Ideally, it would be done immediately after the mobility, but it can be done at a later time.  20 to 40 minutes on the assault bike, rower, or skierg at a very slow/conversational pace.   If you are experienced enough to swim at a casual pace you may swim but this should not be a workout and your heart rate should stay very low.  Whatever you choose, it is essential that you keep your heart rate under 120 bpm.  Since 120 bpm is closer us old folks’ maximum heart rate, keep we recommend keeping it closer to 100 bpm.


We know everyone has their own time they like to ROMWOD.  We are going to ask that you rearrange your schedule to do your ROMWOD last on rest days this cycle.  The goal is to do this as close to bedtime as you can so that it carries over into your bedtime routine.


A lot of athletes laugh about this until they hear you produce testosterone and growth hormone in each ninety-minute sleep cycle that successfully reaches deep sleep. That will get the ears perked up normally. Here’s a quick checklist of things that can help maximize recovery at night.

  • End blue light exposure 2-3 prior to sleep
  • Black room out, including electrical tape over any electronic lights
  • Phones in airplane mode
    • Turn bluetooth and wifi off if you need cell service for work.
  • Room temperature 63-67 degrees
  • Lower core temperature before getting in bed
  • Magnesium supplements
  • Entertainment leading up to sleep should be fiction based. Less thinking = more relaxed
  • If the average sedentary person needs 5 sleep cycles (7.5 hours) to be fully recovered, is that enough for an athlete? Spend 8.5-9 hours in bed every night that you can.
  • Jump your ass out of bed the minute you wake up and get outside for some sun exposure (the more bare skin the better) to help set your circadian rhythm.
  • Cut caffeine intake off 8-12 hours prior to bedtime based on sensitivity.


If you couldn’t tell already, we’re going big in 2018. We is not just the team at Misfit HQ, or team athletes, or remote clients, we is ALL of you as well. If you want to become part of the misfit family all we ask is a commitment to focus and hard work in each training piece, and treating your recovery likes it’s even more important than your training. You will be VERY happy with what happens come February.