Phase 0: Your Blueprint for the 2024 Offseason

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Your best season yet starts with Phase 0.

If you’re an athlete looking for the best training program for Crossfit to improve your performance, look no further than Phase 0. This comprehensive 5-week testing protocol is designed specifically to help CrossFit competitors identify strengths, weaknesses, and set measurable goals.

Phase 0 is a five-week baseline testing phase that will serve as your map for navigating the 2024 offseason with purpose. This year, we’ve extended Phase 0 from its traditional two-week format to a much more appropriate five weeks. This gives you the space to lock in on fewer overall tests per day or week, allowing for much more accurate scores.

Each day you will notice where you have your opportunities to test and what alternate options are provided for numbers you’ve gotten recently or want to tackle another day. The goal is to get as accurate a picture of your current fitness as possible so that you can make informed decisions about your training in the offseason.

The comparison game is an endless distraction for athletes. We bring in too many variables and questions about someone else rather than knowing who we are and using that to navigate to who we want to be. If taken seriously, these five weeks can create the avatar of the exact athlete you are trying to beat, and a very clear path unfolds right in front of you. The choices you then make from September through February will be simple in strategy and extremely challenging in execution. That is the type of balance we want to bring to all of our athletes.

Download our Athlete IQ Baseline List

Before you start, download your Athlete IQ Baseline list and update it as best as possible before Day 1. Then head out on a nice long walk to listen to the Phase 0 podcast, letting your mind wander and apply these ideas to yourself. Now you’re ready to build your fitness avatar.

Start your assessment by downloading our Athlete IQ Baseline PDF

Start Phase 0 starts July 31st!